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Where's Coyote?

I have not been posting much of late.  The combination of all our locations opening for the season and a lot of regulatory compliance work in reaction to new laws was keeping me crazy.  Then Oak Creek Canyon caught on fire near Sedona.  We operate numerous locations in the canyon, so have been consumed with evacuation and helping customers.  So I won't be around much for a while.

Top Arizona Campgrounds

I don't often mix stuff in about my business, but two of our Arizona campgrounds - Manzanita and Cave Springs, both in the Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon area, were named to the top 10 Arizona campgrounds list by

While I am on business news, the NFRA, our trade group, is having its annual conference March 3-5 in San Diego California.  The conference focuses on privitization of public recreation, and may be of interest to any number of public recreation authorities who are currently struggling with budget issues.  Our company alone runs over 100 public recreation facilities, keeping these facilities open to the public and turning an operating cost for public authorities into a source of income.  I am trying to teach our trade goup to blog, and their formative effort is here.

Strange Substance Spotted in Arizona Rivers

This week, an odd substance has been spotted in Arizona rivers.  Courtesy of a commenter badassredskin on, some good Sedona flood before and after pictures:

Slide Rock Park, near Sedona before (note bathroom building for reference)

Same park, more recently:

This has made a real mess of the Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, which by the way I consider one of the most beautiful spots on earth.  Slide Rock Park is a great park, though I am a bit biased since my company runs the concession store at Slide Rock Park.  Our building at this park is fine, but we have had several of our campgrounds in this canyon flooded.

Too bad the weather was not like this for these guys!