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City Branding

This is the kind of local government silliness that really drives me up a tree.  The town of Peoria, Arizona (Peoria is basically a suburb of Glendale which in turn is a suburb of Phoenix) apparently has paid $81,000 for a new town logo:

Peoria's new tagline, "Naturally Connected," came under attack this week.

The city is working on establishing a brand name to better market itself.

"Naturally connected?" resident Dolores Ceballos said at Tuesday's City
Council meeting. "I'm still trying to feel it here. I can't find it.

"Nine years ago, I moved here, not because of a logo. I came for the downtown and for the schools."

Ceballos questioned the city's expenditure of taxpayer dollars for such an endeavor.

Peoria has paid $81,000 to North Star Destinations Strategies in
Tennessee, which developed the tagline and new logo that features the
city's name with swirling lines and Southwestern colors of blue, green and brown.

But what the Republic misses, but those of us with any business experience understand, the logo development, overpriced as it may be, is only a fraction of the branding effort.  The town is going to have to spend 10x this amount to start pushing the logo and the craptacular "naturally connected" tagline into peoples' faces. 

Corsette said that because the tagline and logo are not in use yet, it's hard for people to feel a connection.

"It's not surprising people don't get it," he said. "Once we start
using it in context of everything the city does, it will resonate with
people and take on some meaning and it will be a positive thing for us."

An important component to the draft manual is the education of the public and city employees, he said.

Can't wait to see the time and effort on the manual and training effort that will go into educating public employees on how to use the logo.