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Who Do We Go To For Arbitration?

We had a couple apply for a camp host job the other day, and try to get us to hire them as contractors rather than employees.  This is not that unusual, since there are a number of reasons someone might prefer this relationship, most of which involve evading taxes.  We, by policy, generally won't play this game, particularly for full time employees. 

What was different in this case was that the couple showed up with a ready-made contract.  What caught the eye of some of my managers was this clause of the contract:

Applicable Law: This
Agreement and Contract is governed by the Law of God, also known as Biblical
Law, Natural Law, and Christian Common Law, and, barring any conflict with
Natural Law, the Common Law Right of Contract.

Hmmm.  So who do we go to with disputes?  Moses?  Maybe King Solomon?