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Knitted Handbag Patterns

Well, blogging has been light again as I a) watched the incredibly unlikely prospect of the Arizona Cardinals hosting a NFC Championship game become a reality and b) built yet another new web site, this one for my wife.  My wife has for several years had a business selling designer handbags and other fashion accessories, for which she has won a number of awards.  This week she is kicking off a new business selling knitted handbag patterns.  You can guess who was named, in absentia I might add, the new business's CTO and webmaster.

Anyway, not wishing to add another platform to my stable of web site solutions, I built it using wordpress using a template that may be suspiciously familiar to Coyote Blog readers.  No appologies here, because I spent way too much time making the transaction engine work (it turns out that digital fulfillment is actually harder, rather than easier, to implement than regular mail and ship).   Since this is basically a hobby of mine rather than a real job, getting one template to work flawlessly using css is my limit.

Anyway, check her out if you are interested (or even if you are not, she will be thrilled to see some traffic).


PS-  before I get comments, I know there is something wrong with the image manipulation system I used as the site is hanging up serving up resized images.  Working on it.

Kate Groves Handbags Featured in the Newspaper!

Kate Groves Handbags

Hey, look!  We are fashion-blogging here at Coyote Blog today (fellow Princetonian Virginia Postrel would be proud)

We are having fun today as my wife, Kate Groves, had her handmade handbags and purses featured in the weekend style section of the Arizona Republic today!

Of course, being the MSM, they forgot to put her web site in the article, but they have the article and a link to her site here.  Since they only keep the articles online for a week (server disk space must be expensive over there) we have cached the article on Kate Groves handbags here. Kate's website with all of her purse designs are here.