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How's the Snow?

This headline today on the front page of the AZ Republic (our crappy local paper with the worst sports section of any major paper):

79º vs. 0º WE WIN

You never have to shovel sunshine off the walk
I am not sure what the motivation was for this headline, but I guess its nice to live in a big city where the news is slow enough that this can dominate the front section.  A bit more:
It's sunny. It's January. And it's almost 80 degrees outside.

In official meteorological terms, what we're experiencing is "a strong area of high pressure aloft."

In simpler terms, it's "this is why we live here" weather, which on Tuesday produced a Chamber of Commerce high of 79 degrees. That's just 1 degree shy of the record for the date but a full dozen degrees above normal.

See more of our weather forecast here (no registration for this one).  Have a nice day.