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Very Funny if True

The word is out around town that Ben Quayle (yes, from that Quayle family) who is running for the Republican nomination for Congress, may be one of the founders and chief writers for local (very sleazy) gossip site Dirty Scottsdale  (which has since gone national as the Dirty -- barely SFW).  The site seems to specialize in printing pictures of club-hopping local girls and calling them out for either their looks, plastic surgery, or sexual preferences.

Update: Quayle denies it.  Either this is an incredible revelation of a secret life whose writing marks him as a real sleazy loser or it is an incredibly brazen (given that the accusation comes from his supposed partner) political hit-job.  Either way its a really interesting story.

Update #2: Quayle, uh, un-denies it.