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Bring Back the Ringtone!

Most any reader of this site will know that I am a strong supporter of free and open immigration.  However, I am sad to see Cingular pull this particular ringtone off the market.  The ringtone went as follows:

The ringtone started with a siren, followed by a male voice saying in a
Southern drawl, "This is la Migra," a slang term for the Border Patrol.

"Por favor, put the oranges down and step away from the cell phone.
I repeat-o, put the oranges down and step away from the telephone-o.
I'm deporting you back home-o," the voice continued.

For years I have been a strong supporter of the complete freedom to engage in what is often called "hate speech."  Beyond the usual slippery-slope threat-to-free-speech argument, I have always thought it was important to let idiots publicly identify themselves.  I mean, what could be better than a cell phone ringtone that just shouts out "I'm a racist moron" to the world?  This is an even better idea than the comedian Gallagher's (he of the cuisinarted vegetables) idea for shoot-able stupid flags.  It is the same reason I allow free commenting on this site and love to get opposing email.