Fourier Transforms

This is as good of an explanation as I have seen of what is going on in a Fourier Transform.  I have not seen this person's videos before but I will have to seek out others of his.


  1. Bloke in North Dorset:

    Check out the bitcoin explanation, as good as you’ll get for the only very slightly techie.

  2. jon49:

    Having done electrical engineering one of things that has always fascinated me is e^(-i*pi) = -1. That you would even need to use imaginary numbers to figure this stuff out.

  3. sailor116:

    This is hands down the best visualization of the fourier transform I have ever seen, including a live player where you can change the speed of different additive sine waves to see what the resulting wave looks like.

  4. Ward Chartier:

    Wish I had these videos when I was in engineering school.

  5. The_Big_W:

    This is a great video. Another interesting thing about Fourier transforms is that they can be used in the two dimensional space on images.

    The output from those is as trippy as the graphs shown in the video. The transform also remains reversible as well.

  6. The_Big_W:

    Done, and you are correct. Thanks.

  7. jon49:

    My avatar is actually an image of a fourier transform done incorrectly in reverse. I believe it started out as a white circle on a black background, or vice versa. It looked so cool afterwards I kept it!