Updated Climate Video -- Understanding the Climate Debate: The Lost Middle Ground

I have updated the slides and audio of my core climate presentation called "Understanding the Climate Debate:  The Lost Middle Ground"

This is basically the same presentation as here at Claremont-McKenna but you can read the slide a bit better and the audio is clearer in parts.


  1. Kevin Hales:

    Nice simple, sober presentation. Good to have something I can point people to. Thanks.

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  3. GoneWithTheWind:

    Don't be silly. The world is gonna end and anyone who disagrees should be jailed or killed. The only possible way we can save the planet is to institute huge taxes to redistribute all the money/wealth from the middle class and poor to third world leaders and the elite who will spend it wisely because the hoi polloi doesn't know how to spend their own money don'tcha know.

  4. JoseM:

    An hour is a precious thing. Can you summarize in a paragraph or put up your slides so they can be paged through rapidly?

  5. Matthew Slyfield:

    Quick summary: Yes, man affects climate change. No, global warming isn't likely to be catastrophic. Don't Panic.

  6. Phil Taylor:

    This was very well done. Most people believe or do not believe in Man Made Climate change based on idealogy, yet know very little about it.
    This is a great overview with a point of view that everyone can respect. I wish everyone would watch it but I have discovered that left wing leaning people believe in climate change because they believe that it can be used to further their agenda, and right wing leaning people also believe it is a vehicle to advance a left wing agenda, therefore it does not matter if Man Made Climate change is true or not to most people because they have already made up their minds. They CHOOSE to believe or not to believe and facts be damned. For those still open minded this is a very resonable approach to the issue. I wish all students watched this and their teachers are not too threatened to present it to them.

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  9. Maximum Liberty:

    Interesting article:

    The $36 per ton cost seems to me to support a luke-warmer case. Start by putting a tax on fossil fuels equal to $36/ton of CO2 emitted, reduce income taxes by an equal amount, and abolish all the useless global warming programs. Later come back to other processes that emit CO2 to see if they can be measured in a way that would support taxation (e.g., industrial processes).