Amazing Facts

"Steven Seagal released seven films in 2016. Seven."



  1. Ward Chartier:

    From what I read, Seagal has legal bills to pay.

  2. oneteam:

    I only count 5. Still 5 too many.

  3. slocum:

    But it's not so amazing if you think of them as series episodes rather than films (these things really aren't getting much a theatrical release, are they?) I don't think I've ever seen one of his movies and likely never will, but I just caught a brilliant documentary called 'Chuck Norris vs Communism' about the underground movie video-tape market in communist Romania (and the one brave woman who dubbed almost all of them). It was really eye-opening to listen to people talk about the effect movies had on them -- even ones that were 'complete crap'.

  4. Recovering libertarian:

    "Kenneth Lowe is not pretentious enough to pull off those kung fu shirts. He works in media relations in state government in Illinois and has been published in Illinois Issues, Colombia Reports and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "

    I don't have any interest in or opinion of Steven Seagal, but the writer of this piece is a jealous little nobody.

  5. Benjamin Cole:

    I am disappointed that Steven Seagal has not been given an important position in the Trump Administration. What are they thinking?

  6. obloodyhell:

    Seven... Well..."perhaps *released* is too strong a word... 'Tossed off' would be a better description..."