What the *Bleep* Happened to the Underline Button in the WordPress Editor?

For some reason, Wordoress has removed the underline button in the editor.  I can bold, and italicize, but not underline for some reason.  I have zero idea why there was such a burning need to eliminate this pretty basic feature of an editor.  I suppose I can go in an manually add in html codes, but why bother with an editor if I have to do that kind of cr*p.

Update:  There is a plugin to get it back.  The re-add and rearrange option it adds to the writing settings menu is the one I chose.  The underline button was always in a goofy spot and the re-arrange option puts it logically next to bold and italic.  Apparently, WordPress thought underlined text was confusing because users mistake it as a link, but I feel like my format I have adopted make the two pretty clearly different.  Also, I use wordpress as the engine for most of my business web sites, so we needed to be able to underline.


  1. Thomas "Fat" Cat:

    Has WordPress outsourced their UI design to the Mozilla Firefox people?

  2. karl_lembke:

    Maybe just enter the HTML by hand?

  3. karl_lembke:

    It's a bit of a pain in the anatomy, but it works. Just as WordPress intended.

  4. John O.:

    Tech companies are always presumptuous about changes they make being immediately accepted for being for the "good" of the users despite the fact that its always to the users annoyance. Windows 8 was a shining example of that presumption in action for PC operating systems.

  5. Craig:

    You can hit ctrl+u to underline within WordPress.