Keynesianism in One Photo

Via Don Boudreaux


  1. Peabody:

    The real key is the smart politicians knowing the right time to plug in and then subsequently unplug and then it will work perfectly.

  2. Ike Evans:

    Oh I see. It's the same argument socialists use. THIS time we'll get it right because THIS time we're sufficiently righteous.

    I totally sold. May I give you my money?

  3. Nehemiah:

    This only works if it is a power backup/surge protector strip. Plug the battery backup unit into the battery backup unit to recharge it. Should work indefinitely.

  4. Peabody:

    Not sure if you could tell I was joking... I will accept your money though.

  5. Ike Evans:

    Sarcasm is poorly communicated via the internet, but yes, I suspected you were joking.

  6. Matthew Slyfield:

    If electricity worked the way Keynesians think the economy works, doing that would turn your power strip into a bomb.

  7. Peter Gallagher:

    You know, Warren, this coud be 'Say's Law', too.

  8. joe - the economist:

    Krugman says you are wrong

  9. J_W_W:

    Nice. In other news we'll also soon have evidence of the broken window fallacy in Berkeley.

  10. J_W_W:

    What are the chances of Krugman ever being right again? The first pass answer is never.

  11. JTW:

    uh no, part of the electricity drained from the battery to feed the battery is lost to heat.

  12. Rick Caird:

    That sounds suspiciously like the Krugman analysis of the stock market......

  13. Fromhere:

    Too many people want free stuff, so the idea of a "socialist utopia" will never go away. Snowflakes want to be paid to play with play doh and color all day and demand that someone else pay.

  14. Nehemiah:

    As Ike said above, Sarcasm is poorly communicated via the internet.

  15. Tim Broberg:

    I believe the circuit is missing a delay element, which is what is supposed to induce a phase shift, leveling the output.

    The point that there is no amplifier in the circuit is well taken.