Reopening A State Park

Over  a year ago, due to budget constraints, Alabama State Parks was forced to shut down Roland Cooper SP, near Camden, Alabama.  The park was beloved by the local community and an important economic asset to the town of Camden.  As a result, a lot of local folks put pressure on the state to find some other solution than just closure.  To its credit, the Alabama State Parks Department was willing to consider private options that most state agencies refuse to countenance.  The end result is that my company will be reopening the park -- still a public asset but operated privately -- in time for Labor Day.  The full announcement is here.

We are still working on the permanent web page, but if you are in the area our Facebook page is here.


  1. glenn.griffin3:

    Yeaaa! <2 hour from here! Go capitalism*!!!
    *Okay, go whatever-this-is, it's closer to capitalism than leaving the state park shut down in a snit, a la Mount Rushmore / fed budget snafu.

  2. kidmugsy:

    Congratulations. I hope it's another contribution to your ability to withdraw from California.

  3. SamWah:

    I second!