I Love Larry Fitzgerald

5 minutes ago the title of this post would have been "F*cking Cardinals" for giving up that hail mary pass to Green Bay -- didn't anyone watch the tape on the Detriot game, with the receiver backing into the end zone to make the catch?  This play was almost an exact duplicate.  I will, though, give credit to the Cardinals for blitzing the QB on that play -- I think that was smart and would have worked against most teams.  Only Aaron Rodgers could have gotten that throw off.

Anyway, Fitz was already beloved in Phoenix, not only as a great football player but as an awesome human being.  Now just more so.


  1. Hal_10000:

    Actually, I thought the blitz was a bad decision. It left the end zone lightly defended for no real benefit. (I'm a Packers fan).

  2. PA32R:

    Heck, I'm a Jets fan who lives in Southern California and I love him for both of those reasons.

  3. John O.:

    I watched the recap as I have no television and had to work during the game, I was having the time of my life watching the key plays. Rogers reminds me a lot of Favre, can pull off some stunning plays at the most clutch times.

  4. Warren Anderson:

    I'm baffled why Fitzgerald wasn't in the end zone for the Hail Mary (I didn't watch the game so if he was I missed it in the summary). Same thing for Detroit. Why wasn't Calvin Johnson in? I don't care about having to tackle probably. Just get one of the best receivers to catch a ball in the end zone is probably the best defense you can have.

  5. Dan Wendlick:

    There are really only two options in a hail-mary defense situation, Rush 4 and drop 7 into coverage, or rush 7 and drop 4 into coverage. I think the correct option is to rush 7 and overwhelm the offensive line before the receivers have time to get down field. Arizona's plan even correctly overloaded right, forcing the escape lane to the quarterback's left. However, much like the Death Star engineer who did not account for magical space wizards when designing the auxiliary thermal exhaust port, this plan did not account for a quarterback able to make a 60 yard cross-body pass.
    Yes, Packers fan as well

  6. Mike Powers:

    A: if the defenders' hand had been two inches to the left he'd have knocked the ball away and the conversation would be "Packers blew their chance" instead of "whaaaaah, coin flip".

    B: I thought you hated pro sports teams, or is that just hockey?