USB C a Big Step Forward

I just got my Nexxus 5x phone I use as a backup and for international travel and it has the new USB-C connection.  Finally, a connection where I don't have to put my glasses on to figure out orientation.  I will say, though, that the Apple thunderbolt connections on its iphones still feels like a better solution, but android has finally gotten close.

I am trying out Google's Project Fi on the phone.  While I lose some coverage vs. my main phone with Verizon, I have always used T-mobile for my backup phone because of its international rate plans, and Project Fi uses T-mobile, so I don't expect a step backwards.   I will report on Project Fi when I get some experience with it.


  1. offby1:

    I've found Project Fi _mostly_ good -- certainly cheaper than my old T-Mobile plan (which, I suspect, was already a fairly good deal). But it's been hair-raising on occasion, too; you might want to pay attention to [the Project Fi Help forum](!forum/project-fi).

  2. Brad Warbiany:

    Apple is the Lightning connector. Thunderbolt is a whole different thing.

    Does the Nexus 5x support USB Power Delivery 2.0? That could be a potential game-changer when it comes to charging times... Moving to the high-current 2.1A charging on phones was a big advantage, but USB 3.1 w/ PD 2.0 has the capability to go significantly higher...

  3. marque2:

    Yes, you can charge the Nexus 5x in 15 minutes.

  4. marque2:

    USB-C also allows the Nexus 5x, 6p to.charge in about 15 minutes.
    USB C also allows for 100 watts of power, so it can be used as a power supply and allows HDMI video streaming across the cable. It is designed to take over all the ports on your computer basically..

    Itnis a bit more than, you don't need to worry which way to plug in the cable. Apple will probably eventually switch to USB- C over their current port as well.

    Why not a 6pp?

  5. marque2:

    T Mobile has better pricing. Not sure how project FI can stay in business with their super expensive data.

    I am going to sign up for the T Mobile family plan. 4 phones for $120 a month unlimited T&T and 10 gigs of unlimited data per phone. About 30 bucks per phone. FI charges $10 per gig of that data.
    My current T Mobile plan is 5 gigs, up, 100m talk U text for $30 but It is an individual phone program.