Bob Ross Marathon

I am watching a Bob Ross painting marathon on Twitch.  I find his work totally addictive to watch.  He'll do something that looks like a hot mess from a 3-year-old's painting and then suddenly do one other thing and it looks like a detailed forest.  He uses a palette knife and a three inch brush and suddenly he has a landscape painting.  He's my hero.

PS - the chat window is amazing -- somehow people are posting like 20 comments a second on Bob Ross.  I love the Internet.  And where do you get the Bob Ross emoji's?

PPS -- here is the chat window - people posting "ruined" and then about 10 seconds later typing "fixed"



  1. johnbr:

    Yeah, that's one of the funniest chat windows I've seen in a while. I don't know what "VAC" means, but the "RUINED" and "FIXED" and "Bob Ross going HAM" are fantastic. the "GG" at the end of each episode is also fantastic

  2. johnbr:

    oh and now he has his son Steve painting while he reads viewer questions, and the chat is full of "STEVE YOU NOOB" . Hilarious

  3. Dan Wendlick:

    I like the story behind his famously laid-back delivery. He retired after a 20 year career in the Air Force, ending as a master sergeant. The day he retired, he pledged to himself that he was never going to scream at anyone again.

  4. Kurt Droffe:

    Always liked his comments on his motives: "Our little friend" for a tree or something like this.