Wow, It's Sure Lucky We Don't Allow All Those Dangerous Oil Pipelines to Get Built

Massive Fire Rages After Another Buffett-Owned Oiltrain Derails In North Dakota, Town Evacuated

This is CLASSIC seen and unseen.  New pipelines are discussed as if the alternative to building the pipeline is "do nothing" when in fact the alternative is moving crude by rail.  When looked at against the correct alternative, pipelines look like environmental saviors.

Update:  I do know the usage rules for its and it's.  I am just a terrible proof reader.


  1. mlhouse:

    Why do you think that the ObamaCrats are opposed to the Keystone protect Warren Buffet.

  2. Matthew Slyfield:

    I rather doubt that the average Obamacrat is even aware that Warren Buffet has a financial interest in shipping oil, (especially tar sands oil) by rail.

    However, Warren Buffet is a "thought leader" for them and he opposes pipelines. It likely never occurs to them to ask why.

  3. herdgadfly:

    The American Association of Railroads, not the feds, says that 85% of the Flammable Liquid Tank Cars riding the rails today are unsafe. Now there is an accident scenario that you can count on. And guess who owns Burlington Northern and Union Tank Car - no cheating now!

  4. JohnM:

    The progressive thinks like this

    1. Railways are environmentally friendly
    2. Railways are unsafe
    3. Ergo we must increase government subsidy for railway until they become safe

    Alternatives don't come into it. Divestment from oil is the current mantra of the left and consequently it's the fact that we use oil that is the problem.

  5. sean2829:

    Buffet doesn't oppose Keystone XL, he'd vote for it. he also doesn't think wind makes sense economically without subsidies but he invests because there are subsidies. Buffet loves the certainty of profitability when Democrats write regulations as these make him a wealthier man.

  6. J_W_W:

    It is an absolute certainty that eventually accidents carrying oil by rail will kill people (its already happened in Canada). But progressives don't value the actual lives of people. They just value the control over peoples lives.

  7. joe:

    Not saying republicans are better - But progressives are extremely short sighted regarding environmental issues.
    For example -
    1) Fracturing allows considerably more oil and gas production from a single well and as a result, a lot fewer wells are drilled. What do you think is more environmental damaging A) hydrocarbons leaking into the ground water, b) saltwater from the formation leaking into the ground water, C) fracturing fluid leaking into the ground water or D) Drilling more holes to find the hydrocarbons.

  8. joe:

    Sorry- did not finish my post -
    Of the 4 mentioned above fracturing fluid leaking into the groundwater is by far the least environmentally damaging and the least likely to occur.

    It also demonstrates how scientifically unknowledgeble most progressives/activists are. (GMO's, unintended acceleration, autism/vaccines, AGW, etc

  9. skhpcola:

    There are over 2.5 million miles of pipelines in the ground in the US, today. The lack of news stories about horrific accidents (they do occur occasionally) should signal that the Keystone XL isn't a harbinger of DOOM! for the nation. As usual, the left is against the creation of wealth and increases in efficiency and productivity. If it's good for the country, D-bags are against it, naturally.

  10. Not Sure:

    Democrats hate the idea of millions of people coming and going, apparently (to Democrats, anyway) willy-nilly, as they please with nobody in charge to manage the herd. Therefore, Democrats hate cars and by extension, anything that makes it practical for people to own and drive them.

  11. skhpcola:

    Leftists abhor every aspect of liberty. It drives them to want to micromanage every aspect of our lives and our business. They are tyrannical, totalitarian wannabes.