Thanks to Harry Reid

Harry Reid should be thanked for admitting the sort of behavior everyone knows exists but none will confess.  The amazing thing to me is what yawns this elicits from the media:

Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate, was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash this week if he regretted his 2012 accusation on the Senate floor that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney “hasn’t paid taxes for ten years.” Reid presented no evidence at the time and claimed he didn’t need any: “I don’t think the burden should be on me. The burden should be on him. He’s the one I’ve alleged has not paid any taxes.”

Reid’s response in the interview was fascinating. When asked by Bash if his tactic was McCarthyite he visibly shrugged on camera, smiled, and said “Well, they can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win, did he?” White House spokesman Josh Earnest refused to criticize Reid for his comment because it “was three years old,” when in reality Reid’s televised reveling in it was only three days old.


  1. Another_Brian:

    Reid doesn't understand how burden of proof works. And thanks to his own logic, I don't even have to have any proof to back up this statement, it's up to him to refute it.

  2. ColoComment:

    Yeah, Reid lied about Romney, but Romney was a public figure who volunteered to run for poltiical office and should have done a much better job of defense & counter-attack with regard to Reid's accusations about his payment/nonpayment of taxes.

    But, IMHO, Reid fell completely off the back of the ethics truck when he used his privileged political position as U.S. senator to criticize and castigate, individually and by name, the Koch brothers, PRIVATE U.S. citizens, from the floor of the Senate chamber.

    Reid is a Grade A weasel, a prime example of the worst sort of corrupt and criminal legislator.

    Oh, and every Democratic pol who lined up behind him, acquiesed in Reid's political strategies, supported him, and has kept silent about his unethical and criminal activities, is no better.

  3. SamWah:

    That's our lap dog media, feeding from Dem food bowls.

  4. mesaeconoguy:

    Hairy Greed is lucky to be alive, after that savage “exercise equipment” attack.

    He’d better watch his step, or a piece of furniture might shoot him.

    He and Pelosi belong in a ditch somewhere.

  5. Heil Hitler!:

    Nevada Mafia, because he couldn't get that land for that Chinese Solar company because of Clive Bundy's cows? He almost attracted the attention of the authorities, and even worse, the public, to some of his dirty dealings. The last thing these people want is attention attracted to their nefarious dealings.

    Did you know his brother Larry Reid got beat up the same day?

  6. bigmaq1980:

    "The amazing thing to me is what yawns this elicits from the media:"

    Gone from being amazed after the millionth example of such to deeply disturbed and concerned.