Before Michael Brown, Ferguson Police Did This

I had forgotten about this story and am surprised the media did not make this connection more often during the Michael Brown brouhaha:

Michael Daly at The Daily Beast has the flabbergasting story of Henry Davis, who was picked up by cops “for an outstanding warrant that proved to actually be for another man of the same surname, but a different middle name and Social Security number,” then beaten by several officers at the station. What happened next was truly surreal: while denying that Davis had been seriously hurt at all, though a CAT scan found he had suffered a concussion and a contemporaneous photo shows him bleeding heavily, four police officers sought to have him charged for property damage for getting blood on their uniforms. ...

The kicker: the police department was that of Ferguson, Missouri.


  1. Shoot them?:

    Don't wound them, don't bleed on them. There's another option.

  2. Sam L.:

    I'd want additional confirmation on that story.

  3. jdgalt:

    I heard that one too. It sort of got lost in the noise of the Brown case.

    The Ferguson cops' behavior toward news reporters after the Brown killing was also outrageous.

    We need to fight and rebut the notion that police are racist. Maybe they once were (and I'm sure there are places where they still are), but the police mistreat everybody now. It's time the voters stop reelecting police chiefs in places where this goes on.

    Which is not to say that Michael Brown didn't ask for and deserve everything he got. He did, and so did Trayvon Martin.

  4. Daniel Barger:

    I have no doubt such an event is possible in America. However their is one fact as related that tends to call into question it's accuracy.
    The statement that "a CAT scan found he had suffered a concussion" is a glaring error....the type made by people pulling things out of their ass. A concussion is a CLINICAL diagnosis based on multiple findings after an examination. A CT scan cannot show concussion. If the CT scan shows something then the patient has a traumatic brain injury of some type. Concussion is the term used for injuries that present with symptoms such as headache, disorientation and short term memory impairment. Even an MRI which is far more sensitive to changes in
    the brains structure cannot demonstrate a concussion. It's like saying "the CT scan showed a headache"......You can't see a's a subjective description. Stories such as this are why American journalism is at best poor and often totally unbelievable.