Poof. There Goes My Free Time

The new installment in the Civilization computer game series is out.  This review dings it a bit for being too like the last installment (Civ 5), but I am sure I will like it because I still evidence addictive behavior whenever I go back to Civ 5.  Just one more turn....  After how badly the Sim City franchise has been trashed in recent installments, I will take a Civ game that is safely similar to the old Civ games.  Though my life, the Civilization game series is probably second only to having children in terms of sucking up my free time.


  1. bolt1493:

    The simplified PS3 Civ 4 version was so addictive that we called it "the precious" and hid it from each other. Whole days and weeks could just dissappear. Not sure if I am ready for a new version. Or I might just be scared.

  2. Earl Wertheimer:

    The best way to get you to stop playing: Create a new variation, similar to Railroad Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon, etc. called Campground Tycoon. A simulation of how to run a campground, with natural predators, government interference and lots of regulations.

  3. EricP:

    Been playing the new game for day now. Fun stuff although it lacks the features of earlier versions. Ie no macro-level. I'm guessing that'll come in later releases.

  4. johnbr:

    I have found it a little dull so far. I like the ideas of harmony/supremacy/purity, but beyond the initial concept, there's not a lot of replay there, IMO. I like the web of tech, instead of the pert chart, I think that's a good call.

    The aliens are cool at first, especially the big ones, but IMO, this game would have been served better with :
    a) a bunch of alien ecosystems, instead of just one arbitrary set of aliens and three special new resources
    b) different textures and atmospherics for different planets, instead of always having the green oceans, red fungus and pink floatstone
    c) the miasma should be more sinister and dangerous over time, but less dangerous at first. For example, it just slows you down at first, but if you sit in it for a while, it attracts aliens and/or eventually converts your unit into a "miasma zombie" or something like that.
    d) To some degree, the path of Harmony is similar to the evolution of the Zerg (or the Tyrannids) - bio-evolutionary hive mind shared conciousness - they could have spent some time exploring the unsettling consequences of that choice