Missing the Point

John Hinderaker says that Democrats have been unsuccessful in their anti-Koch brother campaign because only 25% of Americans have a negative opinion of the Kochs and that has not changed much in 6 months.

But that strikes me as missing the point.  The Democrats have raised tens of millions of dollars from those 25% inflaming them with anti-Koch rhetoric.  They will outspend Republicans this year largely on the back of a campaign that, for example, never failed to mention the Kochs in almost every email sent out.  Further, they have succesfully turned the words "Koch Brothers" into some sort of boogeyman.  The media even here in Red state Arizona breathlessly discusses every contact a Republican candidate has with Koch Brothers-funded organizations while never ever mentioning any large backers on the Democratic side.  Despite the fact that Democrats have raised more so-called "dark money" than Republicans, nearly 100% of the media stories on dark money are about Republicans.  Further, by successfully (and asymmetrically) making public life a living hell for prominent Republican supporters, the Democrats are doing important battle space preparation for future elections, giving second thoughts to future potential Republican donors.

That, in my mind, is a political success.

(Of course, it is a disaster for liberty, and demonstrates EXACTLY why anonymous speech and donations have to remain legal.  The campaign waged right from the floor of the Senate by Democrats like Harry Reid to vilify private citizens who have been out-front and transparent about exercising their free speech is an insult to liberty).


  1. J_W_W:

    I sure wish that there were some Democrats somewhere that still actually cared about this country. They only care about the party and achieving single party rule anymore. The same single party rule that has woked so well elsewhere in the world that it amassed over 100 million deaths in the 20th century.

    I have nothing but contempt for these scum.

  2. mesocyclone:

    The firing of Brandon Ivey for contributing to the anti-gay marriage campaign is another example of the need for secrecy.

  3. Craig Loehle:

    Here is my proposal for campaign funding: contributions remain truly secret. The candidate can't even find out who contributed. Everyone is free to contribute any amount to as many candidates as they like but they can't buy the politician with their $.

  4. Not Sure:

    Here is my proposal for campaign funding: government is limited to only those powers delegated to it, not to whatever powers the governement thinks it shoukd have. Removing the ability to purchase favorable legislation by buying politicians, campaign contributions no longer involve the attempt to influence (with apologies to H.L. Mencken) the advance auction sale of stolen goods.