Long, Long, Long Several Weeks

I am finally back and I have mostly climbed on top of the hosting and web attack issues we have been having.  I honestly think site performance will be better, at the cost of a bit of caching that might delay new posts for a few minutes.

Many thanks to the Young Republicans of Dekalb County who hosted a fun event in Atlanta.  I particularly enjoyed meeting Don Boudreaux, whose writing I have admired for some time.  Hopefully they will have a video of the talk I can post soon.

Over the next few days I am playing with site widths to try to overcome some problems displaying on certain mobile devices.  I have been told I should give up and restart with a mobile-friendly newer template but statements like that are just raw meat, making it more likely I bang my head against the older template to try to make it work.


  1. marque2:

    I have no problems using your site, and posting to it via my cell phone. In fact, I think your site is one of the better ones! I have to say there are many sites that are horrible, even though they use the new mobile templates. You try to post something and they pop up a banner so I can't see what I am typing, unless I use portrait mode. It is much easier to type with landscape.

    Please don't fix what isn't broken.

  2. skhpcola:

    Mneh. I used to admire Boudreaux. But then he revealed himself to be a typical anti-American Libertarian fuckwit. He may cringe in terror at the sight of the American flag, but I guarantee that hyper-jingoistic patriots would protect him when his open-borders bullshit is collapsing around him. Libertardians are feckin' nuts.

  3. Mike Walker:

    I very much enjoyed both of your talks, very interesting and informative, and especially meeting both of you afterwards.

  4. bigmaq1980:

    Like Boudreaux, I wouldn't be against Caplan ( http://cafehayek.com/2014/10/some-links-475.html ), but for different reasons.

    If Caplan is wrong ( http://econlog.econlib.org/archives/2014/10/ebola_bet.html ), betting against him will have proven correct, but then there is the risk of not being able to collect (depending on how widespread the disease gets - i.e. how wrong he is).