IOS App Recommendation -- Tripcase

I really am not a productivity app sort of guy.  I have a lot of games, but most apps strike me as just dedicated browsers for someone's web site.    To date I am a big user of the Kindle app and the Feedly RSS feed reader app and the Gmail app.   Oh, and Google maps (the Apple maps program still sucks).   And that is about it.

But I have been using Tripcase (free) to bring together all my travel info and I really like it.  All one has to do is forward airline, hotel, car rental, restaurant, etc confirmations to a certain email address and the program parses out what information it needs.  The only work is that each confirmation gets set up as a separate trip, but it is easy to merge three or four together to get all of one trip in a single record.  It provides a nice interface with travel information and provides notifications for such things as flight delays and gate changes.


  1. steamboatlion:

    I've been using Tripit for the same purpose for several years (including the iOS and Android apps and traditional web site). It applies some intelligence to incoming bookings and usually manages to group them together correctly.

    It also provides a nice .ical feed I can see in my Outlook and Google calendars and has good features for sharing trips with others.

  2. marque2:

    My android phone gives me reminders and tells me when the plane is delayed automatically without any apps.

  3. JohnM:

    This app is a corporate standard, so I've got a fair amount of user experience. Some points:

    1. When booking a rail trip with more than one stage (ie connections) the app fails to import correctly. The rail company sends a confirmation email containing full details (in the body) and an ics file (attachment). Both are accurate. However the app imports just the last journey stage and not the initial stage.
    2. The app does not work well in bad connection situations. So many a time I've refreshed the app before travel, to get the trip details up to date, and then tried to open in the hotel lobby. Suddenly I'm waiting for ages watching the app refresh before it fails. Surely it is not unreasonable to expect the app to show cached content BEFORE it tries to refresh from the internet.
    3. The map locations (at least in the UK) are next to useless. You imagine that the user can click on a hotel location map and find the hotel. No such luck. The user is better advised to copy the address from the app, open google maps and paste. That is accurate to the postcode (zip). Tripcase is often several miles off. I can live with the inaccuracy if there's some facility to get user corrections into the database.

    Having said that, it's a good idea. I just wish they would fix the bugs.

  4. Bruce:

    I tried Tripcase and Tripit several years ago and settled on Tripit. Perhaps Tripcase has improved but at the time I found Tripit more reliable and easier to use. For what it's worth the user ratings on iTunes are higher for Tripit.

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