Your Tax Dollars at Work

An anonymous quote from an employee at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

"Let me give you the honest truth: A lot of FMCS employees don't do a hell of a lot, including myself. Personally, the reason that I've stayed is that I just don't feel like working that hard, plus the location on K Street is great, plus we all have these oversized offices with windows, plus management doesn't seem to care if we stay out at lunch a long time. Can you blame me?"

This is actually the least of the problems in the agency -- fraud appears to be rampant.  The Washington Examiner has a five part series.


  1. Another_Brian:

    You can fill in just about any government agency's name into this quote and it would still be accurate.

  2. Bram:

    I like this guy - he's honest. And I would rather he took long lunches than "doing something" like creating new regulations.

  3. mesaeconoguy:

    This applies to most of government right now, and worldwide.

    The amount of resource suckage and misallocation caused by this public sector greed and fraud has effectively destroyed a generation of productivity, and when you throw in the Baby Boomer black hole about to hit, things get really bad.

    How the hell did this happen so quickly?