KlearGear Sucks

I don't have a lot to add about this story.  A company called KlearGear trying to fine customers for writing a bad review about it (based on some BS prior restraint on criticism buried in their terms and conditions) and then hounding the customers' credit rating through debt collection agencies.  But I am all for the Streisand effect bringing karmic retribution to such folks, so here is my contribution to Google.

By the way, I found their current header warning to be odd:


Anyone ever heard of a "business hour" before?  Since most customers would not really freak at a 48 hour or 2-day order processing time, anyone want to bet that this means 6 business days (6x8 hours) or over a week, but is meant to fool folks into thinking only two days?  I would ask them directly but there is no way to send them an email without registering first as a customer.  Since by registering, I apparently cede my ability to ever criticize them, I won't be able to write them for clarification.

Our business gets mostly positive reviews, but we get bad ones from time to time.  Every bad review is both a pain in the butt (as they hang around forever on the Internet) but also an opportunity for me to learn and identify problems in the business.  On a couple of occasions I have identified personnel problems through online reviews that let me fix a real problem before something much worse happened.

Update:  The bottom of their home page says "As seen on ABC's Good Morning America".  Yup.  LOL



  1. jdgalt:

    Popehat reports that KlearGear has already gotten itself in big trouble, both by trying to enforce that policy and by lying that they are TRUSTe verified when they're not.

  2. jang geun gulk:

    Can you guide me how to write Product Review Writing Services

  3. FelineCannonball:

    Editing. They probably had "2 business days," and tried to revise and fell on their face.

  4. Larry Sheldon:

    I don't know what KlearGear is but I know I don't need any.


  5. mesaeconoguy:

    “48 business hours” is a weak attempt to stipulate a consecutive 2 business day timeframe for them to field your order, process it, start to ship it, correct the fuckup just before it goes out, re-process it, then finally ship it.

    It’s a smokescreen for poor hiring practices.

  6. AcePSJ:

    Kleargear is a very obvious, very sickening fraud. http://neer-do-well-hall-of-infamey.blogspot.ca/

  7. John burke:

    Kleargear.com is lame and scammers at best

  8. William:

    Scammers. Don't ever do business with this company. Horrible company with horrible people running the company. Let them go bankrupt. Boycott this company and let them all suffer deeply.

  9. POed:

    The image above on their site is a lie, the ratings and certifications are a lie, their sales are a lie. Check Alexa; their traffic has gone to about 1/3 what is was in 2012. Google, Godaddy, bing, and Yahoo are helping and supporting the fraud as is paypal. How would anyone in their right mind buy anything from these crooks unless they just stumble into them and buy some of their overpriced junk. This is what the internet has become folks. Do what you can to bring them down, and out. The law and so called regulatory agencies refuse to.