Your Health Insurance Got Cancelled For These People

I had fun photoshopping (here, here) the first batch of these ads.  But now they seem to have entered the realm of self-parody, so here are some of the actual ads, without modification (source).

As a libertarian, I have no desire to grade the choices they are making.  I just don't want to subsidize them, though this seems to be the proud message of the ad campaign:  "Obamacare subsidizes bad choices and dangerous behavior".



This has to be one of the more bizarre moments in the history of insurance.  Never before has any insurance company likely ran ad campaigns aimed at attracting the worst risks.  The irony of course is that President Obama needs to sell this to young people precisely because most of them won't use it.


  1. Mole1:

    Some conservative group has an operative making these ads.

  2. marque2:

    Are they really going to cover her birth control? It is about $10 a month, and the bronze plan has a $10000 deductible.

  3. MNHawk:

    Although I never got excited over Rush Limbaugh's treatment of Sandra Fluke, I thought of about 5 million ways he could have handled it better.

    Or so I thought. I was wrong. Rush was right. He was just a year early in mocking "hot to trot."

  4. MNHawk:

    The $10 is covered. The $10,700 is not.

  5. nehemiah:

    MNHawk is correct. There is no deductible for "preventive" items like birth control.

  6. marque2:

    So then my cholesterol and blood pressure medicine are also "free" since they are preventative?

  7. Sam L.:

    The stupid is strong in these ads.

  8. rst1317:

    Why do some of the very people who rail against greedy consumption in so many other areas of life insist that unchecked consumption for "health care" can only be great?

  9. mesaeconoguy:

    The same people who wrote and endorsed Obamascare (and the non-functional “marketplace” website) chose these tragically stupid ads.

    I can’t wait to see them try to administer this catastrophe. These are the dumbest people on the planet, some of them historically so.

    Regressives are morons, and must be mocked and held accountable for this crap.

  10. cathyf:

    The other trick is that while the $10/mo birth control is "free", so is the $100/mo exotic special needs still-in-patent birth control.

    There's not going to be much left over to pay for the old/sick people...

  11. Craig L:

    Similarly, eating a cheeseburger is horrible, but banging random strangers is A-OK.

  12. Cheryl Sameit:

    These ads are killer...thanks for the chuckle and perspective :-)

  13. Gdn:

    Planned Parenthood slammed them as anti-Obamacare slutshaming...until they figured out a couple of hours later that they were official ads, at which point they declared the ads were Good because they promoted healthy behavior (birth control), and good for dialogue.

  14. rst1317:

    Oooh! Those two can be combined, at least in Canada =-)