The Greatest Bit of Color Commentary in Baseball History

Today is the anniversary of what is probably the greatest moment in Arizona sports history.  But it is also the occasion of the most precient bit of sports commentary I have ever heard.  Watch this brief clip.  Listen to Tim McCarver's comment just before the second pitch and then see what happens.  He called it exactly.

I suppose we Arizonans are biased, but the whole game is one of the best baseball games I have ever watched.  Randy Johnson relieving Curt Schilling.  Mariano Rivera relieving Roger Clemens.  You can watch it all here.


  1. Roger Powell:

    Everybody knows that Jay Bell scored the winning run. Very few Diamondback fans remember who scored the tying run earlier that inning on Tony Womack's double. See if you can remember without looking it up!

  2. HenryBowman419:

    Well, it depressed the hell out of me. I recall Tim McCarver saying that the left fielder should play shallow, as Rivera often handcuffs lefties and little squibs are lofted into shallow left field. That is pretty much exactly what happened.

    Sorry, I just read your commentary, Coyote. I recall watching it live and thinking that McCarver was exactly right...and then, bingo, precisely what he predicted occurred.

    The ending was almost as horrible as the ending of the 1960 World Series, where the Yanks lost to a decidedly inferior team.As Yogi reputedly said of that series, "we made too many bad mistakes", or something like that.

  3. Craig L:

    As a hardcore Yankee hater, I loved this series.

  4. Russ R.:

    That was an absolutely amazing game, and the second best finale to a World Series that I've seen.

    The best ending being Joe Carter's walk-off home run in 1993... but being from Toronto, I'm biased.

  5. H Elder:

    Well I have to agree that was a great moment in Arizona pro sports history. Of course this is my personal favorite from 1997, maybe again this year?

  6. danimal15:

    Thanks for posting that. I was watching that game and it was one of the best, even though I'm not a fan of either team. Always good to see the Yankees lose!