Obama: Shutdown Inflicted "Compltely Unecesary Damage". Yep

I find it funny that Obama used the phrase "completely unnecessary damage" vis a vis the shutdown, since that seems to have been his staff's explicit marching orders:  Inflict completely unnecessary damage.  It was pretty clear there was never justification for the Administration to close our privately-funded parks.  Over the last week, case after case in court overturned similar orders in the NPS and USFS.  I just wish our TRO request had come to court a bit sooner so we could have had the precedent in hand.

Anyway, we are opening today, and readers will be spared more posts on our situation.  I know some of our customers are reading this site for updates.  The updated status of all our Forest Service campgrounds and parks and when they are opening is here.


  1. lelnet:

    For what it's worth, I think anyone who finds themselves so tired of your posts about the situation that they wish to be "spared" is probably reading the wrong blog.

    It really sucks how much money this must have cost you, but from the perspective of somebody who's just hear to read your blog, it's been a goldmine of fodder.

  2. Thruppennybit:

    And from the UK it has been fascinating to get a perspective on the shutdown that I would never hear on the BBC.
    I hope you are able to get your business back up and running in quick time.