Insulting Treatment by the US Forest Service

This was posted by the US Forest Service outside of a privately-funded, privately-operated campground:



All the maintenance at this site, as well as all cleaning, utilities, security monitoring, staffing, customer service, etc. are provided and paid for by a private concessionaire that does not take one dime of government money.   The "our ability to perform maintenance" is incredibly disingenuous, because over the course of a year likely no US Forest Service maintenance person even steps on the property.   The last half of the message therefore has absolutely nothing to do with the first half.  The campground is closed and not being maintained because the US Forest Service has arbitrarily suspended the concessionaires contract in an apparent attempt to make the shutdown more painful for the public.


  1. Stan/Tx:

    Change the sign to the truth. It just takes a printer.

  2. Mop:

    I'd look at the RICO statute. if they voided your contract as part of a plan to deprive you of income. It would be a long expensive slog. and it would be risky too. The whole we spent money not appropriated to shut down active contracts sounds like a conspiracy to me. Or at least recover lost income.

  3. Duvane:

    Apparently they still have plenty of commas. Not to mention color ink.

  4. brandonberg:

    Can you post signs explaining what's really going on?

  5. mesaeconoguy:

    Some contracts are more enforceable than others.

  6. Don:

    Not that you'd ever get Eric Holder to do anything about it, but isn't that signage an "official document", and isn't it perjury to lie on an official document?