Tailgating at the Opera

I grew up in Texas and I am not sure the concept of tailgating I was weaned on was flexible enough to encompass the opera.  But it's good to try new things.  Here are a couple of photos from my first trip to the Santa Fe Opera

IMG_0728s IMG_0729s

Didn't see any cornhole games though.


  1. AndaOPH:

    If you are ever in Atlanta for any of the Chastain musical events.... it's tailgating AT the concert. Just too much fun.

  2. morganovich:

    if you had gone in formal attire, it could have been "tailsgating".


  3. mesaeconoguy:

    I'm in, but do you have to pick a team, and if so, how?

  4. herdgadfly:

    Thank goodness this is not an x-rated site. Pictures of cornholing at the tailgate would top the risque charts.

  5. MSO:

    Where are the purple pickup trucks with horns?