Local Celebrity

I just read about a project dedicated to local celebrities, people who are very famous in their own backyard but not known at all beyond a small region.

The one person in this category I could think of (beyond local TV and radio personalities) is Johnny Barnes in Bermuda.   I encountered him around the year 2000 when I went to Bermuda for a job interview -- I was running Internet companies at the time and a group in Bermuda had an idea to combine an Internet B2B model with offshore banking and tax havens.  Transfer pricing games seemed to be prominent in the model.

Anyway, there he was, at a busy traffic circle almost everyone on the island passed when going to work in the morning.  He just stood there saying hello and good morning to everyone.  I found out later he was a Bermuda icon -- if he missed a day the radio stations and government offices would be flooded with calls from people asking if he was OK.  Searching the Internet, I found that someone has made a film about him.



  1. geoff:

    Johnny is indeed a national treasure for us. He's been doing it for years and, though he now has to sit and wave, he is still out there every day, rain or shine.

  2. ankit:

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  3. davesmith001:

    Gary England in Oklahoma City is a legendary weatherman for channel 9. For anyone in Oklahoma, his image and voice might be the most recognizable of anyone. But outside of Oklahoma, no one would know him.