Struggling with Global Warming

The campgrounds we operate for the US Forest Service in Wisconsin does not seem quite ready to open

two lakes


  1. Matthew Slyfield:

    Which Campgrounds in Wisconsin do you operate?

  2. T J Sawyer:

    Wisconsin fishing opener is two weeks from tomorrow. Good luck!

  3. gregnullet:

    Well, that's the way in rural communities; they don't see the big picture. It's almost rude of you to point out how much they're in denial.

  4. SamWah:

    DAMN them Wisconsonites pulling sleds and sleighs with their SUVs!

  5. obloodyhell:

    Yeah, it's been in the mid 50s down here in Florida. At mid-day. In APRIL.

    Global Warming my ass.

    The media ignores it, of course. If it were in the mid 90s they'd be screaming "AGW!! AGW!!"

  6. Mondak:

    I still say this sort of post is below you. Just because the other guy uses these kinds of short term, statistically irrelevant arguments, doesn't mean it is okay - even as a joke.

  7. Charlie Hargrave:

    Easy there hoss. Many of us use state park campgrounds in those conditions!!!!!!