Remember Richard Jewell

My wife and I were discussing the Atlanta bombing last night and it struck me that, with all the false reports out of Boston, it would be useful to remind folks of the fate of Richard Jewell, a man whose life was essentially destroyed by our collective need for quick answers about a tragedy.  But Patrick at Popehat has already done the heavy lifting, so I will turn it over to him.

By the way, in an odd local angle on the story, for some reason Fox decided to interview Joe Arpaio as an "expert" after the blast.  Joe is an expert -- at getting himself media attention.  But I am trying to remember the last terrorist incident we had here in Phoenix.


  1. drobviousso:

    "But I am trying to remember the last terrorist incident we had here in Phoenix that wasn't orchestrated by Arpaio."

    Fixed that for you.

  2. Joel Grus:

    But I am trying to remember the last terrorist incident we had here in Phoenix.

    There you go, he's an expert at preventing terrorism!

  3. Popehat:

    Fox also featured convicted perjurer Mark Fuhrman.

    Fox, like any network, selects guests and hosts as cultural signals.

  4. marque2:

    Joe was probably interviewed because a bomb was allegedly sent to him last week. I understand why they might interview him because of that.

    I guess the answer to the question of the last terrorist event in Phoenix, is last week.

    I am surprised that I have not seen comments or interviews by Giuliani yet.

  5. marque2:

    Eh - the whole Mark Fuhrman case is a sad incident in american political jurisprudence. He isn't as bad a guy as most say. He was asked, did he ever say the n-word than a fictional movie turned up where starred and said the n-word in a scripted fashion. Is that really saying the n-word, when you are asked to do it in a script? Certainly didn't come from the heart, did it?

  6. mesocyclone:

    Try the 1995 passenger train derailment near Palo Verde. A still unsolved terrorism case that killed 1 and injured 78.

  7. mesocyclone:

    Fuhrman, a victim of legal double jeopardy, knows a lot of about crime and investigations.

  8. BGThree:

    You have to admit it's a bit odd that Fuhrman has become a popular conservative media figure and expert, when his claim to fame is sloppy police work and racial slurs. Don't get me wrong, he got a bum deal in the whole OJ thing, but it's strange that made him so popular among some circles of conservatives.

  9. Anonymoses:

    haha! You beat me to it!

  10. marque2:

    Here is the article about the bomb sent to Joe Arpaio.

  11. marque2:

    Conservatives have always been for the downtrodden among us. Did you think that was a liberal thing :P

  12. mesaeconoguy:

    Joe is also a Boston native.

  13. SamWah:

    He said, "Perhaps the best apology we, All Of Us, can give to Richard Jewell is to
    be a little more skeptical of what we're told by the FBI, and CNN, and
    NBC, and the New York Post, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and
    their ilk."

    Not "a little", folks, "One Whole Hell Of A Lot"! Which is where my switch is set, with a safety cap and wired in position.