KFC and China

Apparently YUM Brands stock is falling because investors are worried about KFC's prospects in China.  I am not a YUM supporter particularly, nor am I a patron of KFC, but from some exposure to China I can say that KFC in China is like Taco Bell in the movie Demolition Man.  They own the market.


  1. Elam Bend:

    I went to China with my family in 1988 when the only KFC was the one in Bejing across the street from Tiananmen square. I ate there nearly every day. My parents got sick, I didn't. I didn't have much of a refined taste then, but I remember the quality as being very good.

  2. obloodyhell:

    }}} They own the market.

    True, but M$ owns the OS market. In about 5 years, they won't. Google/Android will. Being concerned about your monopoly is always a good idea.
    Most economists argue that even water monopolies in China don't last forever... :-D