+1 For Twilight Struggle

I have written before about how much I enjoy the physical board game Twilight Struggle.  This is not really going out on a limb, since it has occupied the #1 spot at BoardGameGeek for a while.  But over the last 3 months my son and I became totally addicted.  He is at college, but we played online via the terrific Twilight Struggle add-on in the VASSAL gaming engine  (all free).  Very highly recommended.


  1. norse:

    Such good taste :)
    Others you board games your might find you'll enjoy: Keyflower, Agricola, Dominant species

  2. Chris Smith:

    Have you played Betrayal at House on the Hill? It's a room explorer game that's a lot of fun for 3 to 5 people. Once you're comfortable with the rules, playing time usually clocks in at just about an hour.