But A Minimum Wage Hike is A-OK?

I don't know how I got onto blogging all Steven Rattner, all the time, but here I go again.  Mr. Rattner is complaining that the sequester is costing his son a chance at a government internship for which he had wanted to apply.

So perhaps Mr. Rattner's son could go work in a productive field instead?  Oops, probably not, because rising minimum wages and Obama Administration crack-downs on unpaid private internships have made it harder for all the rest of us to get our little preciouses an internship.  I will bet any amount of money that the number of internships killed by minimum wage laws is at least two orders of magnitude larger than the number of internships killed by the sequester.

And besides, we should be thrilled that  one less young person is having their formative organizational experiences (from conflict resolution to productivity expectations) in government.

Oh, and by the way, that bit about the Obama Administration cracking down on unpaid internships?  Well, that only applies to you private employers who are teaching useless skills like innovation and wealth creation.  Jobs that teach Congress's organizational and productivity secrets don't have to be paid because of all the valuable lessons taught.


  1. LarryGross:

    wit til they start sending active duty soldiers home!

  2. mesaeconoguy:

    This leftist asshole Rattface needs a serious reality check.

  3. Don Greer:

    What is the world coming to, when hereditary government jobs aren't a protected class. The next thing you know, the peasants will arm themselves and storm the palace gates!


  4. mesaeconoguy:

    de gustibus non est disputandum


  5. Chugiak:

    That aggression will stand, man.

  6. obloodyhell:

    }}} "...internship would be unpaid"

    Aww, so daddy's little monster will still be living off daddy's credit cards?

    Everybody with me:
    (sniff) (sniff). AWWWWWwwwwwwwwww.... Poooor BAAAAAYBEEEE!!! (sniff)

  7. obloodyhell:

    illegitemi non carborundum is more like it...

  8. nehemiah:

    At least he can stay on daddy's health insurance.

    We are so over as the land of the free and home of the brave. We are just echos of our past.

  9. marque2:

    Then Obama will finally be forced to keep another one of his Promises.

  10. CTD:

    Think of the children ... of rich, politically-connected administration cronies.

  11. DEisenhower:

    Capital hill internships are virtually all unpaid. Capital hill should announce that thanks to the sequester members of congress will now have to raise money for their re-election campaigns.