Statements I Believe Unequivocally

"Everybody with half a brain is coming to California"

-- Governor Jerry Brown


  1. mesaeconoguy:

    1) Improving the current resident brain composition
    by ¼

    2) People with full brains have left

  2. obloodyhell:

    No, if you check with Nevada and Arizona, the ones with more than half a brain have moved out, too, only to encourage the same idiotic policy decisions THERE that are bankrupting Cali...

  3. mesaeconoguy:

    Logic puzzle.

    We have indeed imported many 3/4 and under CA brainers in AZ, but that doesn't change the composition of the morons left in the imploding state of CA, and the rapidly dropping IQ of the CA population.

  4. pmanner:

    Never argue with a half wit.

  5. Matthew Slyfield:

    What happens when there aren't enough morons left to run the CA state government?

    Will the last moron to leave CA remember to turn the lights off?

  6. marque2:

    The morons running the government are staying behind, at some point every employee in California will be running state government. They will be paying taxes to pay each other.

  7. john mcginnis:

    "Everybody with half a brain is coming to California"


    "Anybody with a full brain is leaving as fast as they can."

  8. john mcginnis:

    Won't have to turn off the lights. The CA state legislature will mandate darkness as a standard and set up a commission to regulate it.

  9. obloodyhell:

    }}} What happens when there aren't enough morons left to run the CA state government?


    Sorry, one of the unfortunate qualities of the requirements of government work is that you CANNOT be "too stupid" for it.

    The government itself can become too stupid to be functional, in which case it becomes vulnerable to conquest by outside interests, but, in the case of state governments, this is ... unlikely.

  10. obloodyhell:

    }}} They will be paying taxes to pay each other.

    Hey, the state should then be getting richer and richer with that Keynesian multiplier effect!!

  11. marque2:

    absolutely - the multiplier effect - however I hear it works even better if you just give money away to folks who are not doing anything at all. Don't even make them drive in to fall asleep at their desks. Pelosi said you get $1.82 back for every dollar spent on UEI!

  12. mesaeconoguy:

    As CA demonstrated a few years back, the lights will go off all by themselves....

  13. Matthew Slyfield:

    There is a poor correlation between being stupid and being a moron. Plenty of well educated morons out there.

  14. Matthew Slyfield:

    "The government itself can become too stupid to be functional, in which case it becomes vulnerable to conquest by outside interests, but, in the case of state governments, this is ... unlikely."

    It's not unlikely at all. The outside interests will be the banks, pension funds and other institutional investors holding California's debt. Foreign invasion might not be an option, but financial collapse is. Given the rate California is going at they will collapse while the Republicans sill control the House which will make a federal bail out unlikely.

  15. Matthew Slyfield:

    What happens when their paychecks start to bounce?

  16. marque2:

    Somehow under Communism, everybody ended up working for the government and got paid. Of course the USSR could print money, CA can not.

  17. Steve Walser:

    of course there was nothing they could buy with those rubles, but they were "paid"

  18. marque2:

    CA seems to be living off of a series of "tech booms" in Northern CA. However, each boom seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

  19. CraigNCowartEsq:

    Leadership of society is a constant battle between the actually intelligent people and the guys who want to be important and try to look the part. Thank you for being one of the actually intelligent ones.

  20. Bri:

    Brown in his first go 'round, and his father before him, set California on its path to economic disaster and the morons that live there reelected him! As a 5th generation Californian I got so disgusted I left. Not much left but east coast transplants and illegals, which is why brown got elected. As has been said on this blog before, it is amusing that people leave a place because it becomes dysfunctional and then want to recreate the same problems in the new place that led them to leave the old one. Most people will believe anything if they think there's something in it for them.

  21. Phil in Englewood:

    Morons can't figure out how to turn off lights. The lights will go out when the morons can't keep the power plants running.

  22. MNHawk:

    I'm sure it's not everybody. Illinois wouldn't be the spectacular fail they are without attracting at least some of those half-brainers.

  23. bigmaq1980:

    @Warren - great find...just too d**n funny!

    We like to think the folks in CA are "dumb", but there many very intelligent people there, particularly in and near SF/SJ. The problem is the opposite, we have people who are very smart in many measurable ways in this country yet they cannot see with their own eyes what works and what doesn't.

    How is it that these people who stand to gain fabulous wealth (and very many of their peers have) via a capitalistic system can turn around and support candidates and policies that would hinder or limit the very own opportunity or upside?

  24. mesaeconoguy:

    You just refuted your assertion that there are "many very intelligent people" in CA.

    If they vote against their own interests continually - and they do - they are not intelligent.

    Another way of describing this is there are a lot of really smart dumb people in this country/CA.

  25. Eris Guy:

    I have seen border guards at the AZ-CA border. Were they administering the test?

  26. obloodyhell:

    MEG -- you confuse intelligence with wisdom. One can be brilliant and still be a fool -- Noam Chomsky being the most obvious example.

    If there was a "Wisdom Quotient" test to match the IQ test what would be noted is that the average WQ in Cali has been dropping for decades.

    This is because liberals in general rank in the bottom third of any WQ bell curve.

    And it is in this sense that people with "half a brain" are moving to Cali.

  27. obloodyhell:

    As I note above, there are two different types of intelligence involved here -- Wisdom and IQ -- and the historical terminology tends to ignore the Wisdom side of being "stupid". "Fool" is about the only word which really applies to Wisdom, but "stupid idiotic moron" often gets used even regarding the plans of an IQ genius...

    I would suggest we presuppose a WQ could exist and label those who would be in the appropriate places on the bell curves to be "widiots" and "worons".

  28. mesaeconoguy:

    I don't make the distinction. Either one has intelligence, or one doesn't.

    Leftists are uniformly intellectually subpar, but who may understand various "advanced" concepts, which does not translate to overall understanding in other areas, most notably economics.

    ALL leftists are economically ignorant.

  29. bigmaq1980:

    This is one of our biggest weaknesses...underestimating or outright dismissing the "intelligence" of those who disagree with us, particularly of those on the left actively working against our principles (e.g. team Obama).

    I think the issue is much more nuanced than simply lack of intelligence, however one might define it. The more we get a handle on this and understand it, the better we will be able to deal with the problem.

  30. mesaeconoguy:

    No, lack of intelligence is completely the problem – leftists simply aren’t very bright (but think they are). And the outright ignorance of their adherents is what keeps them in power.

    You refer to a marketing problem, namely that leftist/collectivist/statist ideas and proposals do sound much better to most people, because they offer more free shit.

    Last election was confirmation of the axiom Free Shit Always Wins, FSAW ™ .

  31. mesaeconoguy:


    "How much less would you like to be taxed?"



  32. MountainHome:

    "I'm with the government & I'm here to help you" is another one that 1/2 brain people believe in.

  33. bigmaq1980:

    Nope, not just a marketing problem, though that exists.

    Perhaps we are disagreeing on a definition, because by my observation, people can exhibit all kinds of "intelligence", yet fail in some aspect of their behavior or belief.

    Because someone like Steve Jobs (endorsed Obama, major DNC contributor), Bill Gates, or some other "Silicon Valley" icon might espouse leftist proposals, or giving the benefit of the doubt, rather "mixed" proposals (for a list of declared support amongst 20 top richest Americans and their contributions: - Or check the source: ), does that mean they lack "intelligence" or are generally "simply not very bright"?

    I think there are many reasons why people believe what they do. Intelligence plays one role. Conditioning, is another (e.g. MSM, entertainment, schooling). Incentives play yet another (e.g. FSAW, public sector unions/employees, cronyism, special interests), especially so given the size and influence of the government today (which explains why many on these donor lists give to both parties). There are many more.

    We will fail to convince anyone about our principles if we approach them as if they lack intelligence to begin with and therefore don't have the capacity to understand the arguments we make. No amount of marketing will help in this case.