Becoming France

Presented without comment (source).

The source is an agency in PA so I don't know if this is a state phenomenon there or if this is US data



  1. Rocky:

    What is the budget for food stamps? Can anyone tell where this money is coming, when it was voted on by any one???

  2. LarryG:

    trying to follow the links back to the chart on the Penn site. No can do. this is the kind of thing that drives me nuts. like-minded sites start copying "stuff" that ends up being no attributable. This is booger blogging.

  3. mesaeconoguy:

    A simple search of the (typically governmentally-shitty) PA website reveals these data

    The chart above reshuffles the absolute numbers into % increases.

    Learn how to use the interwebs before commenting. Just because your limited brain can't find the information doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

  4. Russ R.:

    Here ya go LarryG... original source is a presentation by the Pennsylvania Secretary of Public Welfare.


  5. kenmce:

    At first I thought the report seemed to say that 150% of their population was on food stamps. Then I realized this must be showing %changes rather than total amounts. Without numbers for where you are starting from this information is of limited value.