I Am More Worried About How They Got There In The First Place

A lot of folks are criticizing the FBI for losing about 12 million ipod/iphone/ipad records, many of which included user name and addresses as well as their device's unique identifier.

What I would like to know is how all that ended up on an FBI laptop in the first place.  I know there are those who have rooted on Jack Bauer for 6 or 7 seasons who expect that the FBI should have all this data -- but this is not the case.  I know of no law that grants the FBI automatic access to all cell phone records or Apple accounts.


  1. 0ptimist:

    Not that I necessarily trust FBI PR any more than AntiSec, but they're claiming it wasn't their laptop: http://allthingsd.com/20120904/fbi-says-antisec-hackers-lied-about-list-of-iphone-id-numbers/

  2. MingoV:

    Wireless communication devices are registered with the FCC, but there is no requirement that information on the buyers of such devices be forwarded to any government agency. Thus, one wonders how an FBI apparatchik acquired a file containing info on 12 million iPhone buyers.