Web Site Fixes

I had a surprisingly angry email about some web site issues here, but it did get me off my butt to fix things.

1.  The email address was broken yet again at the link.  I fixed that.

2.  When I bring in blocks of quotes text from other sites, the smart quotes break and end up with things like â€™ instead of a single quote.  This obviously makes the text astronomically hard to read, so I have fixed it in all the archives and will work to make sure it is turned off in the future, though that is a surprisingly rich tech support discussion area on WordPress.


  1. Brad Warbiany:

    While you're thinking of changes, how about email notification of new comments on posts? I actually find myself not commenting on certain posts because I know that I probably won't come back an hour, a day, or two later to find out if there have been additional replies. I actually comment more frequently on blogs that have update notifications.

    I promise I won't charge you $0.001 for each email I receive from you :-)

  2. eddie:

    Also, your site's white background is for some reason loaded separately from, and after, all the content (text, pictures, etc). Before the white background loads, the background is grey-ish, which makes the text unreadable.

    As an odd consequence, if your site is being slow to load for some reason (overloaded server, bad connection between client and server, whatever) then the text will come up in the browser but be unreadable for some modest-but-annoying amount of time until the client fetches the white background from the server.

    An utterly minor nitpick. But if you're fixing smart quotes, maybe you can fix this too.

  3. John A:

    Just curious about "things like ’ instead of a single quote" which happens with text I copy from some sites, I have long suspected it is the difference between Windows/Intel/IBM and Apple/Honeywell/Motorola fonts and character controls. I first ran into this sort of thing in, wait for it, the mid-1960s with a mix of Honeywell and IBM printers on mainframe computers.

  4. Evil Red Scandi:

    "I had a surprisingly angry email" - hey, this site is worth every cent I pay to read it! :-)

  5. Harry:

    Whatever you do, Coyote, please be careful with adding editors that are incompatible with earlier iPhones. Although I plan to buy the 5 when it comes out, you risk losing a lot of your cheapskate followers, including me.

    If Obama drives us over the abyss, maybe we will have to use the wi-fi on the welfare office's 486.

  6. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States:

    Obviously OT, but in case you missed it somehow despite the vast flurry of attention it's getting from the media...

    >>>> The snow in Johannesburg -- where officials say it has snowed on just 22 days in more than a century -- was the heaviest in more than 30 years and the first since 2007.


    Nothing on the news at all. Are we surprised?