We Don't Trust Ourselves

Error message received today in Google Chrome browser:


  1. Evil Red Scandi:

    Actually, that could indicate some sort of "man-in-the-middle" attack. Proceed with caution.

  2. Dan Hill:

    but what happened when you clicked on "help me understand""

  3. John Moore:

    Google seems to do a lot of dumb things for a company that only hires "smart" people. Whereas Apple tries to get everything perfect, Google tries to just get by.

    As an Android developer, I find this a bit frustrating, although they seem to do better with Android than lots of their stuff.

  4. Kevin Dick:

    Unlike some browsers, Chrome does not maintain its own list of root CAs. Instead, it relies on the list maintained by the cryptographic subsystem of the host operating system. This is probably a more "tasteful" design for a variety of reasons, but it does mean that Chrome is at the mercy of the local OS configuration.

    Whatever OS you're using may have an out of date or misconfigured root CA list.

    But this is not a case of one part of Google not trusting another part of Google.

  5. Mesa Econoguy:

    The password is Milton Berle

  6. SteveT:

    My Maths for Micro professor said this during my (incredibly intense) MSc pre-sessional math and statistics course today:

    “Quadratic forms are the simplest functions that are used after linear ones. They are used because they allow economists to have a handle over what is going on. However, this still doesn’t mean that economists actually HAVE a handle over what is going on.”

    How true, how true.

  7. Sol:

    What Evil Red Scandi said. It's probably just some sort of stupid screw-up, but problems like that could definitely be caused by someone trying to spoof gmail to steal your password. At any rate, smart users would much rather Google was paranoid than just assume that anything which looked sort of like a Google website definitely was one.

  8. pegr:

    Evil Red Scandi has it right. View the certificate presented. SSL isn't perfect by any means, but when stuff like that happens, it's a screaming red flag.