Some Privatization Updates

I just wrote three new articles for the Privatization Blog.

The first looks at which types of public decisions should stay public in a privatization effort

The second looks at implementation issues and learning in privatization

The third acknowledges that privatization efforts can fall into cronyism, but points out that generally in these cases the public alternative falls into the same behaviors.  A great example is prisons, where privatization is derided by folks like Think Progress for the lobbying the prison companies do both for contracts and harsher laws, but they never acknowledge that public prison unions have demonstrated the same behaviors and for much longer.

One Comment

  1. Matthew Slyfield:

    I just read all three articles. At the last article the last paragraph talks about McDonald's cleaning the bathrooms and Marriot washing sheets between visits because thier customers value thier services more highly because they do these things. Be prepared for a die hard government good, business bad beliver (not me) to counter with an argument that they only do those things due to enforcement by the local health department. :-)