More SLAPP-happy Lawyer Fun

Apparently the co-owner of the Miami Heat Ranaan Katz does not like to be criticized by the plebes.  So like many rich guys nowadays, he sued a blogger who he felt was saying hurtful things about him, because as we all know the First Amendment has a built in exception for college students and billionaires who have a right not to be offended by other peoples' speech.  So far, this is just the usual SLAPP nuttiness, up to and including a rallying of support by attorneys willing to help out pro bono.  This latter can usually solve the problem, as these suits gain their strength not from any legal merit but from the ability to intimidate ordinary people unfamiliar with the legal system and without the resources to hire top attorneys to defend themselves.

But, as with the case of serial moron Charles Carreon, Katz and his attorneys then proceeded to drive right over the cliff.  Because they then sued the attorney's representing the blogger on the brilliant theory that by providing legal advice to the blogger, the attorneys made themselves parties to the bloggers "crimes."  Seriously.   By which theory Jerry Sandusky's attorneys will soon be serving time for child abuse.


  1. IGotBupkis, Purveyor of Fine Cynicism Since 2008:


    With no knowledge, I predict Ranaan Katz is a liberal. Because you usually have to be a major libtard to succeed in shoving your head that far up your ass.

  2. John Moore:

    Errr... The first amendment is about government suppression of speech, not slander/libel.

    SLAPP suits suck, but it isn't a constitutional issue.

  3. Ted Rado:

    Another (of many) reason to wish lawyers a long walk on a short pier. They aught to do something useful with their lives, like work at McD's.

  4. NL_:

    John Moore: The courts are part of the government. The first amendment applies to the courts.

  5. Gil:

    Last time I looked people are free to sue anyone over anything they like - whether they'll win the lawsuit is another matter. Then again he could be going a frivilous lawsuit and hopes for an out-of-court settlement because it can work when it's way cheaper in terms of both time and money.

  6. marco73:

    Well Katz also stepped in it, by suing Google, under the theory that if you Google Mr. Katz and something bad comes back, that is all Google's fault. I believe that Google has deep enough pockets to defend themselves, and possibly collect their attorney's fees when all is settled.
    Amazingly, Mr. Katz is now also being introduced to the Streisand effect, in that his ugly mug shows up all over the place.
    I mean it is 2012, hasn't any of this guys advisors ever heard of the Intertubes?

  7. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States:

    >>> I mean it is 2012, hasn’t any of this guys advisors ever heard of the Intertubes?

    Offhand, Katz is probably one of those arrogant, "i have so many metric kilo-buttloads of money i can do anything i want with it without fear of reprisal or consequence" kind of guys.