Yeah, Let's Turn the Internet Over to These Guys

I am increasingly convinced that the UN is really some kind of performance art rather than a serious attempt at global governance.  Why else would they select Robert Mugabe as ambassador of tourism?  Via Radley Balko


  1. JohnB:

    Has the UN secretly been taken over by Monty Python?

  2. perlhaqr:

    I know, right? Clearly he'd make a much better Ambassador for Agriculture.

  3. Deborah Peters:

    The day they even consider taking away this open freedom, there will be riots!

  4. Adam:

    "The day they even consider taking away this open freedom, there will be riots!"

    They've been *considering* it since its inception.

  5. Goober:

    Beat me to the Monty Python reference. This is beyond parody. It is so ridiculous that anyone that came up with this as a parody before it happened would have been lampooned for taking their parody "too far."

    This is literally a man who presided over a genocide, and who's "green bombers" are known to harass and terrorize tourists who have the tenacity to try and take pictures inside his country.

    Can we stop funding the UN now? Please?

  6. el coronado:

    Y'know, the UN is an interesting little story that never seems to get much play. Trying to settle an argument with my cousins, I once tracked down exactly the method that was used to dissolve the League of Nations. Surely after WW2 broke out, they must have finally seen what useless jokes they were, and ceased operations. The question was, how? By a vote, a resolution, did they just close the doors one night and slink away? Turns out, the answer seems to have been, "None of the above." They were still (quietly) in business all through the war, working on a dazzling new rebranding campaign - which they trotted out about 3 seconds after VJ day. The League of Nations is dead! All hail the.....UN!!

    Everybody in the world sees the UN's incompetence and ineptitude, as well as their blatant nepotism and theft. Everybody in the world knows them for what they are: useless, mixed in with increasingly bizarre "up yours!" actions like appointing Iran & Saudi Arabia to human rights commissions, the "sorry, am too busy this week to help in any meaningful way the butchered civilians of Rwanda, Congo, Syria, and O so many more", and now this Mugabe farce. No one doubts that next week, they'll top it. Maybe posthumous humanitarian awards for Stalin, Dzerzhinsky and Mao? A 'smart growth initiative' award for Pol Pot?

    And yet, near as I can tell, not one government or media organization has ever seriously called for putting this tragicomic abortion out of its paid-for-by-us misery. Worse, we all know that should anyone ever actually *do* a call for that, they'll be instantly slimed by all the rest. Anyone ever wonder why that might be? Why, in this world of ever-greater emphasis on efficiency, profits and results, why is such an organization of 3rd world halfwits & (screw)-ups not only tolerated but encouraged? Held up to schoolkids and stupid people as an example of hope and goodness, actual results be damned?

  7. Another guy named Dan:

    The major problem with the United Nations is that its very name is a misnomer. It is really the United Governments. The institutions therefore tend to get used to legitimatize and perpetuate the legitimacy of whatever government is ruling a country, even to the detriment of that country's people. Thus situations like Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Iran on the Human Rights commissions is not an abberation, it's a designed in feature.

  8. IGotBupkis, Poking Fun At President Downgrade For 4 Years and Counting...:

    >>> Robert Mugabe as ambassador of tourism?

    As el coronado above noted, this is the same bizarro-world group who was "appointing [Cuba], Iran & Saudi Arabia to human rights commissions".

    They'd pick Hitler to run an anti-Semitism reduction program. Stalin and Mao to chair anti-genocide programs.

    We need to stop funding this abortion, and needed to do it a decade or more ago. A shame the 911 hijackers didn't crash into the UN building instead.

  9. Goober:

    A shame the 911 hijackers didn’t crash into the UN building instead.

    Why would they attack their ally?

  10. me:

    So, you remember stewardships and entitlements from history class? The UN/EU/etc bureaucracies are just that: positions with interesting names created so that someones friends can draw a nice salary from tax revenues. Mystery solved.