We're Number 71!

Not sure how one ranks blogs by traffic any more in the age of RSS feed readers - I can't remember the last time I actually visited a blog rather than just read its feed.  Never-the-less, Coyote Blog was ranked #71 among libertarian blogs.  I am not sure if that is good or bad.  Traffic here is usually pretty proportional to posting volume, so splitting my time with other blogs, Forbes, and my actual day job of late has probably caused traffic to fall.  I am happy enough with my little niche in the world, tends to get me about the right amount of speaking gigs and media appearances for the time I have available.


  1. Josh:

    Wow, I find your posting to be rather prolific already. I prefer it to those mega-blogs where every 5 minutes you get a hyperlink to some article along with a one-liner from the blog's author.

  2. Jon:

    How to figure it out how many people are following you? Not sure how the ratings agency does it but for your personal blog you use feedburner, which it appears you are already using, hmm. I guess they could go to the stats page for google reader, I'm sure the other readers aggregate that info too, it would be interesting to see how they figure it out, you would think it would need to be weighted, since the readers people aren't always going to actually read the articles/blog posts.

  3. Sandman:

    Congrats! What I think makes your blog different are the posts that are related to your actual experience dealing with government and business regulation. Often discussions of policy can be so abstract, but your best posts relate to your business and how poor regulation shapes your decision making. Keep it up!

  4. W. C. Taqiyya:

    I prefer blogs I can keep up with, so keep the volume of posts about where it is please. I also like this blog because it's one of the places smart people hang out. And I always hope some of that rubs off on me. Fairly conventional material but you toss me some bones from time to time. Anyway, good blog, keep it up and you are welcome for that #71 thing.

  5. Mark2:

    Oh noes, you are now 73! Well shoot I am just going to have to leave and go to #72.

    j/k been reading for about 4 years now. Wouldn't dream of leaving.