From the Interesting to the Irrelevent

Interesting stuff about Media Matters:  The lengths they went to to manufacture a war with Fox are astounding.  In a real surprise for me, this is actually worse than some Republican's ranting about the organization.  I have no problem with focusing your speech on a particular media outlet to repeatedly challenge what they are saying, but doing oppo research into reporters personal lives?

On the other hand, this "expose" into Media Matters' funding and spending seems entirely irrelevant.  Political organizations seek money from rich people who agree with them?  And liberal groups sometimes give money to other liberal groups?  Who knew?  If those are the top 10 most interesting nuggets in their financials, we can move along now.

Update:  Per a reader, I suppose the tax return stuff might be relevant to their 501(c)3 status, but even so I don't see any bombshell here.  The bombshell would seem to be in their activities, not their funding, but I am not an expert on the law.  Besides, I think all organizations should be tax-free so I wasn't really focused on that issue.

Update #2:  Apparently, there is an equally irrelevant scrutiny occurring of the Heartland Institute's funding and spending.  OMG, yet another non-profit fundraising from rich people who agree with its positions.


  1. rox_publius:

    r.e. update 2... - i demand insertion of TJIC's gif

  2. ParatrooperJJ:

    You don't think it's relevant that they are pushing gun control while having illegally armed bodyguards?

  3. Henry Acton:

    "but doing oppo research into reporters personal lives?"

    That is the correct first step. The second step is to blackmail the reporters into reporting the news "correctly". Hey, it worked for the Soviets and it still works for the NSA, right?

  4. John Moore:

    The real scandal with Media Matters is the number of reporters who simply take their propaganda and print it, as the email leaks have shown.

    The scandal is a media that can be so easily manipulated by Media Matters.

    Oh, btw, don't expect to see the main stream media reporting on any of this.

  5. Mesa Econoguy:

    The political war is now being fought in the tax trenches, because that is where most preferential treatment occurs.

    The beauty of Media Mutters is that no one believes who they are defending anyway, so why bother?

  6. Ian Random:

    Doesn't matter, the left will always have National Pravda Radio.