Winter is Coming

It appears the Arab Spring, unsurprisingly, is coming to an end, as Islamic hard liners take a large share of the Parliamentary seats.

The idealist in me is offended when the US supports dictators with mixed respect for individual rights.  The realist in me knows that often, when such people are removed, worse governments take their place.


  1. Anon:

    Nice Thrones reference!

  2. Ted Rado:

    Many years ago I read a book about the first Afghan War (1839). The country was run by warlords, thieves, and cutthroats. Does that sound familiar? There has NEVER been a culture of peace, honesty, and fairness in any of the Muslim countries. I have been very skeptical about the prospects of a democratic, honest regime in any of those countries.

    That leads to the following situattion. We have a choice of a reasonably stable dictatorship that maintains law and order or chaos and bloodshed. To believe that a US style democracy will emerge is wishfull thinking. Meanwhile, they all hate us for our continuous meddling. We need to face the fact that the outcome we all desire is unattainable in that culture.

  3. Walmart Hater:

    "There has NEVER been a culture of peace, honesty, and fairness in any of the Muslim countries."

    Has there ever been a Christan nationwith such a culture?

  4. Matt:

    I often challenge folks: "Name three violent revolutions in recorded human history which produced better governments than those that had preceded them."

    We almost always agree on the first one (US War of Independence). I've never had one yet who could name a second with which I'd concur that the result was superior. (Ironically, I could name two others...but I suspect a lot of people would angrily disagree with one or both.)

  5. Ted Rado:

    Walmart Hater:

    The West certainly does not have a laudable track record. But at least we get it right some of the time. The Muslim countries have a perfect track record in the opposite direction. Let's hope I'm wrong and they turn the corner. However, I'm not betting on it.

  6. IGotBupkis, Evoluted Biologist:

    >>> Has there ever been a Christan nation with such a culture?

    Define "Christian nation".

    I thought you were a spoof in another thread, but it appears you're just a typically self-hating and suicidal postmodernist troll.

    Anyone who imagines that most Islamic states (perhaps Iraq, we'll see) are capable of fully adopting democracy is a fool, but
    a) That does not mean we should not try. The only way they can learn is by trying.
    b) The alternative is a genocidal war. I'd like to avoid that if there is a viable option worth trying.
    c) It is a given fact that, once they've had a taste of freedom in life, they are not likely to forget it, and it may take more than one attempt to Get It Right. Even the ones who are foolish enough to vote for the fascist bastards this time may well learn to regret that and push back, and at least consider the better part of it the next time through.

    We may well wind up in a genocidal war. Let's hope that burden isn't placed on our children as the price of survival without dhimmitude.