From Zero Hedge

 in 2011 initial and continuing [unemployment] claims have been revised higher the week following [their initial release] 91% and 100% of the time, respectively. A purely statistical explanation for this phenomenon is "impossible."

Wow.  Something like 50 out of 50 times, the Administration has under-estimated the economic bad news in its statistics.  Just bad luck, I guess.

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  1. caseyboy:

    Even when "cooking" the numbers the administration cannot mask the utter failure of its economic policy. Some states are starting to get a little economic lift due to actions they are taking. However, the Federal government continues to exert negative pressure on the general economy.

    I liken the early arrangement of government and private economy as a symbiotic relationship. Now it is parasitic with the parasite consuming the host. Lets hope the parasite recognizes this folly before we, the host are stripped bare.