Anarchists Protest Small Government Conference


I do not think that word "anarchist" means what they think it means.

This has from the beginning been the almost charming oddity of the OWS movement - we are anarchists that want more government.  We oppose "the man" but want him to pay our college tuition.  We hate capitalism but can't go anywhere without our iPods.


  1. MTB:

    I remember reading a headline from Greece earlier this year along the lines of "Anarchists protest government cuts". Thought it was an Onion article at first.

  2. Andrew:

    My impression is that most anarchists believe that the only way their goals will be met is though a catastrophic collapse of modern society. A move towards smaller government would act to stabilize society and prevent that collapse from happening.

    In other words, anarchists are always going to be against anything that will improve the status quo.

  3. Suz:

    Good point, Andrew. You're describing real anarchists. Makes me wonder how many "Occupiers" know who their bed-partners really are.

  4. Matt:

    The violent protesters arent' anarchists, they were from PAE (People Against Everything). :)

  5. Judge Fredd:

    Suz, they don't. Watching a show recently about the protestors who took over the U. of Syracuse's cafeteria because of budget cuts.

    Then, the anarchists arrived and started causing a ruckus, police were involved, and the crowd got crazy.

    What happens? The "Occupy The Cafeteria" protestors shat themselves, because they knew their identities were known law enforcement, and they were worried that they get charged for starting a riot.

    So what did they do?

    Grabbed their stuff and ran away like cowards.

    That's my view of the whole OWS movement... A temper tantrum made by a child who only straightens up when real punishment is on the horizon.

  6. Gil:

    Libertarians aren't anarchists - they're for private rule.

  7. caseyboy:

    There is definitely a disconnect between calling yourself an anarchist and demanding more government intervention. More like tyranny brats if you ask me.

    It seems there are 3 types of OWS characters, the hardline socialists that have taken cover in the movement, the restless rebels looking to raise hell and the naive products of our public education system indoctrinated to search out any perceived injustice they can rail against.

    We are reaping what has been sown by our elite educators.

  8. Joseph Hertzlinger:

    I think the protesters are assuming that the amount of government is constant. If we increase government one place, we'll decrease it somewhere else.