In Honor of Today's Gore-Fest, My Climate Video

Al Gore is doing his best Jerry Lewis imitation by holding an all day climate telethon today.  In honor of this, let me repost my climate video for those who have not seen it.

Catastrophe Denied: The Science of the Skeptics Position (studio version) from Warren Meyer on Vimeo.

Other viewing options, as well as links to download the powerpoint presentation, are here.


  1. JBurns:

    Another crackpot rightwinger Nobel winning physicist standing up for science. Makes me proud to be an RPI grad.

    Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming

  2. J. W.:

    I watched your video some months ago and found it to be very helpful. Thanks a lot for making it available.

  3. John David Galt:

    Nothing shows up on my screen. Do I need special software to view this?

  4. Ignoramus:

    The first comment links to a "killer" story.

    "In the [American Physical Society] it is ok to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible?"

    Suck on that Al!

  5. jrcnsgy:

    Excellent presentation. I would like to underscore one point. The fact that the antarctic ice core data have been refined to the point of demonstrating that historic temperatures have risen prior to the increase in atmospheric CO2, strongly suggests that negative feedback exists which dwarfs any greenhouse effect of the CO2.

  6. Smock Puppet, Stater Of The Obvious:

    As an additional source for information, I would point people to John Ray's Greenie Watch" website/blog, in which he has a number of pieces about the bloody GoreFest. :D